An upgrade is necessary if a concrete driveway, parking lot, or road shows wear and tear. If you want to change an old concrete surface to asphalt, you may be wondering if you should remove concrete before asphalt paving; the following guide will help you make an informed decision:

Removing Concrete Before Asphalt Paving Will Improve Durability

Long-lasting asphalt surfaces require a solid base to improve durability, and removing concrete before asphalt paving will allow for a fresh new base to be set in its place. Concrete utilizes a deep trench to create a thick and resilient slab, although this can conceal imperfections that occur over time, like sinking or shifting. Existing cracks can also worsen over time, which can cause damage to surfaces paved over these fractures. Removing concrete will prevent this and increase the durability of your new surface. 

Removing Concrete Will Help Your Asphalt Surface Last Longer

Asphalt contains several layers beneath the surface that work together to ensure a longer lifespan. The top layer provides a smooth layer for vehicle or pedestrian traffic and also helps keep water from entering the underlying base. The base layer helps distribute weight and increases the structure’s resistance to water and ice. In some cases, a sub-base layer can improve stability further while minimizing damage to the structure from beneath the ground. A strong base will allow you to enjoy the asphalt surfaces and the black appearance of air. 

Expansion Joints May Cause Future Damage

You can pave over an existing concrete surface, although leaving it in place can present challenges regarding the long-term upkeep of asphalt. Concrete is rigid, and expansion joints are often installed between slabs, allowing movement. However, these joints are unnecessary as asphalt can respond to temperature changes by expanding and contracting. Additionally, these expansion joints can also cause damage to new asphalt from below because they can collapse underneath the weight of the new pavement. 

Removing Concrete Will Prevent Future Repairs

While removing concrete before asphalt paving will cost more, it will save you money in the long run by cutting down on expensive and time-consuming repairs. When the ground shifts or sinks beneath the pavement, damage to the underlying concrete may result in cracks or potholes in your new asphalt surface, requiring additional repaving. For many people, paving over existing concrete is a tempting option because of the lower installation cost, but this can end up costing you more in the long run as it can be detrimental to your asphalt’s longevity. 

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