Parking Lot Paving

parking lot pavingImprove the look of your commercial property with parking lot paving.

We do parking lot paving projects for all types of properties including retail parking lots, plazas, condominiums, and more. We use the highest grade of asphalt for our parking lot paving projects, to ensure excellent quality and durability.

West York understands time sensitivities when it comes to renovating commercial properties, so we’ll work with you to co-ordinate a schedule to have your project done at a date you prefer.

We also offer painted line marking services, which allow your parking lot to be opened and ready to be used immediately.

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Resources / Information: Parking Lot Paving

Parking Lot and Driveway Maintenance Planning

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How Commercial Businesses Should Prepare Their Parking Lot For The Winter

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How are lines painted on Roads?

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Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs To Be Repaved

For commercial properties, curb appeal can be just as important as it is for residential homes.  Your customers will make a judgement about your business, the value of the goods inside, and your level of professionalism partly based on what the exterior of your...
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