Frequently Asked Paving Questions

Q: Are you fully Bonded and Insured?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you charge for Estimates?
A: No. There are some companies that may charge for an estimate however; at West York Paving, estimates are always free.
Q: How much will it cost me to pave my driveway?
A: The price of paving a driveway is determined by the square footage of the area and the condition of the sub-base. Our representatives will provide you with an exact estimate when they come out to see you.
Q: Does my driveway need to be completely removed or can it be resurfaced?
A: The type of paving required is determined by the condition of the existing surface and foundation of the pavement area. If there are visible cracks, depressions, heaving and or foundation issues with the pavement area, then it is strongly recommended that you replace the entire area. Resurfacing your existing pavement is determined by the condition of the sub-base, if it is in fair condition and there are no visible cracks or depressions then resurfacing is all that is usually required.
Q: What type of sub-base do you provide and what type of gravel do you use?
A: If the sub-base condition contains 6” or more of crushed stone then we will supply the necessary ¾ crushed stone (Typically using ¾ crusher run.). We sometimes also use recycled crushed stone which if applied adequately will compact just as well.
Q: How many inches of asphalt do you lay and what grades are used?
A: We lay 3” of hot asphalt. For residential paving we recommend HL3A asphalt if you desire a smoother surface or use HL3 which is a courser mix and does have more strength. Either grade of asphalt will equally compact to just over 2″ after rolled.
Q: Do I need curbs?
A: Depending on the elevation and grade at the side of your driveway, curbs may be required. Curbs also add support and retain the asphalt in place on the driveway. Besides functional use, curbs also enhance the appearance of the driveway. The available options for curbing are either precast curbs in various colours or poured concrete curbs, which ever the customer prefers.
Q: I live in the city and my driveway width is very narrow, do you use a paving machine to apply the asphalt?
A: Yes. We have pavers as narrow as 5 feet in width which are typically used for city laneways and pathways. We also have pavers for commercial and industrial projects that will lay over a 16 foot wide matt.
Q: How long after my project is paved can I expect to use it? And, how long does it take for asphalt to cure properly?
A: We strongly recommend that our clients wait 24 to 48 hours before walking on their new pavement and wait 4 to 5 days before parking on the driveway. It is recommended to avoid any sharp objects such as ladders, chairs, high heels, bikes etc to not place directly on the asphalt surface for the first few weeks especially during the hot weather conditions. Keep in mind that you should not park your vehicle in the same spot within the first month to avoid tire depressions on the new pavement. Also, use particular caution not to turn your wheels in a stationary position to avoid tire marks from occurring.
Q: How long should I expect my driveway to last?
A: A newly paved driveway on average should last 15 to 20 years depending on the severity of our Canadian weather conditions.
Q: Do you recommend sealing my driveway? And, if so, do you provide that service?
A: Sealing is purely a personal choice for aesthetic reasons. If you choose to seal your project we recommend you do so after one full year. We do not provide sealing or any sealer materials.
Q: I have a commercial/industrial project to be paved; can you explain the process for this type of paving?
A: We begin by removing and disposing of all the existing asphalt. Then an inspection of the sub-base is done to ensure that there is adequate crushed stone and if not, depending on weight and traffic factors we will then supply up to 6” or more of crushed stone material. After this process, we then fine-grade the sub-base to ensure proper water drainage to any existing catch basins on the premises. We then provide and install two layers of commercial grade asphalt (2” compact of HL8 –binder coarse and 1 ½” min. of compact HL3 type asphalt for top layer.). We always use heavy commercial type rollers to consolidate the asphalt and use rubber tire rollers to eliminate all segregation lines from the entire finished surface.

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