Usually, summer comes with the smells of flowers in the warm breeze, BBQ being cooked in the backyard, and the smell of fresh asphalt sizzling in the hot sun. That’s right, summer is a great time for relaxation but it is also a great time to start sprucing up the outside of your house, whether that means mowing the lawn, tending to the garden, or repaving the driveway.

If you have an asphalt driveway, you know that as the year passes, it gets subject to wear and tear. The changing of the seasons from the snow and salt melting on your driveway to the dust and grime that comes with summer can slowly turn your asphalt/concrete driveway from a dark black to a dusty grey. It also doesn’t help that there are usually cars going in and out of the driveway every day.
Here are five signs that you should get your driveway repaved to have it look brand new again.

Large Holes
Large holes (more commonly known as potholes) can lead to car accidents or personal injury accidents. Cars usually go in and out of the driveway every day, and they are not built to repeatedly and frequently go over large holes – this can lead to scratches on the car, wheels being stuck, etc.
A misstep into the hole can lead to an injury like a sprained or broken ankle. In addition to car accidents and personal injuries, large holes will collect water and cause further cracks in the surface of the driveway. This is important to note especially in changing weather conditions, if the water freezes and thaws during the winter, the contracting and expansion will cause more damage to the driveway.

When a driveway forms a series of little cracks that spread across the surface, they are typically referred to as “alligator skin.” These cracks can be easily filled during repaving. If left unattended, the cracks will spread and cause holes to appear on the surface of the driveway which leads to the multitude of problems that were listed above.

Weather Conditions
Homes that are located where climates are subject to change must know that their driveway will be more easily susceptible to wear and tear. The changing climate from hot to cold or vice versa can cause the asphalt/concrete to contract and expand creating cracks on the surface. The exposure to all the weather elements such as sun, snow, rain etc. will inevitably cause fading and cracks on the surface of the driveway.

If the surface of the driveway looks bumpy and uneven in places, this usually is a sign that the structure underneath the driveway is unstable and needs to be replaced to prevent further cracks and holes from emerging.

Drainage Issues
If the driveway is in optimal condition, water should not affect it too much. However, if water is pooling in the middle of the driveway or pooling in other areas, that signifies a drainage issue. The water is collected in those areas will weaken the asphalt/concrete and cause cracks or potholes in that area.

If your driveway is exhibiting any of these signs, then it is time for a replacement or repaving. A repaved or new driveway will be a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to any of the problems listed above.