Asphalt Paving

West York offers asphalt paving services for a variety of purposes, including:


Advantages of Asphalt

Asphalt is cost efficient

It has low initial costs and lasts long. Asphalt paving projects are also relatively quicker to complete, reducing losses associated with time spent on constructing.



Asphalt can be shaped and molded to serve the purposes it’s intended to. It can also be configured to be optimized for various needs, including various outdoor temperatures and weight loads


Asphalt is smooth and quiet

Asphalt ensures a smooth, quiet, and comfortable drive

Resources / Information: Asphalt Paving

The impact of weather on Asphalt paving

Asphalt is extremely durable, but similar to most materials, asphalt also needs proper protection from harsh weather conditions. Conditions ranging from jarring sun rays to heavy rains can cause deterioration in the asphalt’s structure. Routine asphalt resurfacing and...

Things to keep in mind before you start paving

Before you embark on your first paving landscape project that involves paving around your home, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure the end project will look great and be high-quality. Deciding on a space to pave Consider the form and dimensions of the...

Asphalt Mixtures and Their Noise Reducing Qualities

More and more houses are being built next to traffic areas such as parking lots. These homes are usually in high demand since they are near city centers or major shopping areas. However, some detractors for these locations are noise pollution caused by the endless...

Types of Road Surfaces

Let’s face it, the construction of roads has been an engineering challenge basically since the wheel was invented. And while there have been some incredible strides made in the development of roads, road construction and repair are still topics that are spoken with...

Myths About Asphalts

There are a lot of strange myths surrounding asphalt, and most of them have no rhyme or reason but are firmly entrenched in the minds of those who believe them. Asphalt gets a bad rap because of these beliefs, and it's one that it doesn't deserve. Here is a...