More and more houses are being built next to traffic areas such as parking lots. These homes are usually in high demand since they are near city centers or major shopping areas. However, some detractors for these locations are noise pollution caused by the endless cars that travel every day.

To make these surfaces less noisy, asphalt producers are experimenting with new designs to create a type of asphalt that is not only strong but reduces the amount of sound produced by vehicles driving on them.

Asphalt is a great material to use to reduce noise pollution, but as it ages, those noise reducing qualities being to disappear. New mixtures are being created every day to try and make the perfect type of asphalt that will keep the roads quiet for their entire lifespan. Here are two of the more popular types of asphalt companies are using to keep the noise down:

Open-graded asphalt

Open-graded asphalt is one of the best options to choose when it comes to permeability. Water can easily flow through open-graded asphalt preventing standing water from being an issue. This type of asphalt has pores which are used to absorb noises created by vehicles, and although the pores can get clogged (which lowers the noise canceling qualities), open-graded asphalt is still one of the more efficient ways to decrease noise created from traffic.

Fine-graded asphalt

Fine-graded asphalt has a thinner surface depth than dense-graded asphalt, which helps with road surface preservation. This type of asphalt is great at reducing noise levels because the thin bonded surface causes less contact between the tires of the vehicles and the surface of the road.

It seems that more and more cars are driving every day, causing a lot of noise in parking lots. Asphalt manufacturers are creating new mixtures and recipes to try to counter that noise. Most manufacturers are experimenting with porous asphalts because they are one of the better ways to reduce noise.  

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