As soon as you enter a commercial property, you will probably notice the parking lot. Business owners and property managers can learn a lot from how their parking spaces are maintained. When clients or customers visit your business, and the parking is difficult, they have a negative impression of your business. Analysts have concluded that businesses without a properly maintained and safe parking facility may not be able to attract clients or customers.

It shouldn’t be surprising that property managers have to handle a variety of aspects related to commercial real estate, including parking. However, having to keep the parking facility maintained all the time may not be something you enjoy. Consider installing an asphalt parking lot instead for stress-free and easy maintenance. Business owners can benefit greatly from asphalt parking lots. Here’s a list of reasons why it is a great option to offer ease and convenience to your customers. 

Easy on Pocket

Due to their safety, asphalt parking lots are extremely unlikely to lead to liability claims. This system is quite easy to maintain and requires minimal effort, which lowers overall operational costs. Your business space will benefit from increased foot traffic since asphalt generally enhances its overall appearance. On top of that, despite the extreme cooling-thawing cycles of Canadian winters, asphalt is durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Also, parking lots made of asphalt do not require as much maintenance as concrete ones. 

Time Saver

It saves a great deal of time to have an asphalt parking lot. Asphalt parking lots don’t require much time to construct. Your business property can be constructed in a short period of time. Asphalt is also easy to maintain. One of the best things is that even when maintenance is required, the parking lot remains accessible to customers at all times.


If your parking lot is not maintained properly, imagine what it would be like if a customer was injured. Your clients and customers will feel safer if they park on an asphalt parking lot that is skid-proof and safe. In case you have any questions about it, feel free to talk to an experienced associate from West York Paving LTD. They can be your go-to place to get your asphalt paving for your commercial property concerns.

Tenant Turnover

Owners of rental properties know how frustrating and costly tenant turnover can be. So they should make extra efforts to maximize the outcome. For that purpose, a parking lot can make a huge effect. It would be amazing for your business if you had good tenants occupying your space for a longer period of time, wouldn’t it? Having a new and well-maintained parking lot will go a long way and keep your tenants renewing their leases as well. It can also help keep your tenants happy and content 

Bottom line is that parking lots are a large investment and you should take your time before making any decisions. Get in touch with a professional who understands parking lots.  West York Paving Ltd. works closely with you to address all your concerns for a productive outcome. 

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