Asphalt is an aggregate of gravel, stone, sand and other materials bound together by asphalt cement. New construction projects require asphalt paving because of its many positive qualities. Its durability and ease of repair are just some reasons why asphalt paving is the best choice for new construction of any kind.

Asphalt will provide you with a smooth surface, and this will extend the lifespan of any road or driveway as it will reduce friction from the tires that roll across. Asphalt surfaces can last for 25 years and sometimes even longer with proper maintenance. It’s an efficient material to pave with. If asphalt requires repairs or a replacement, the process will be quick and easy, eliminating inconvenience for both drivers and taxpayers. This convenience is one of the many reasons why asphalt is the ideal choice for new construction projects. Additionally, asphalt is also safe because of its ability to produce a smooth, even surface, so it’s the best choice for roadways, parking lots, paved paths, driveways and other applications. The smooth surface is perfect for drivers as they will experience better traction and contact for tires, making it much safer to drive on.

Another benefit to asphalt is that it’s recyclable and environmentally friendly, which are aspects that need to be prioritized by all construction companies. Asphalt is a green paving material that is both recyclable and reusable. The combination of permanence and recyclability makes it one of the most environmentally friendly products available in today’s market. Contractors are using asphalt for new construction because of its positive impact on the environment. The advantages don’t stop here because the smooth surfaces help reduce auto emissions.

Asphalt is an economical choice because it lasts longer than other materials, so it does not have to be replaced as often, making it less expensive. Much of it will be made from recyclable materials when it does have to be replaced. These materials make it less susceptible to current market conditions, so the benefits are endless, and it’s no surprise why asphalt is the best choice for new construction projects. This material will provide you with the best surface for driveways, parking lots, roadways and any other paved areas and is also beneficial for our planet, so contractors should not consider any other material.

Whether you’re building a mall, office building or high-rise condo, you will require asphalt, and this is also true if you are building a home or any other type of business. West York Paving can help in this regard, and we will always provide you with high-quality services. We will further discuss the many benefits of asphalt paving. We are experts in this field, so contact our team today if you need more information or want to request an estimate!