You probably clicked on this article while asking yourself, “there are two different types of asphalt?” The answer to that question is yes, there are! Each type of asphalt is used during different seasons and serves different functions. Seasonal asphalt doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a big difference between them; they just require different temperatures to be as effective as possible. Although these types of asphalt look the same, they have different support systems to help prevent damage to the stone due to natural or chemical forces.

Asphalt Paving Toronto

Summer asphalt is usually used from April (or the middle of spring) to mid-December, right when winter comes rolling around. This type of asphalt is used to pave large areas, including roads, driveways, or parking lots. The mixture is usually heated to around 79.5 degrees Celsius and can reach as high as 163 degrees Celsius. This asphalt is commonly known as “hot asphalt.” This asphalt paving mixture can only be applied directly to hot surfaces. For example, if you were to do asphalt paving repairs or concrete paving on your parking lot, you would use this mixture during a hot summer day.

Winter asphalt is often used for smaller jobs, such as filling in potholes or repairing cracks on the roads or driveways. This is because asphalt usually dries slower when it is applied to colder surfaces in colder climates. Winter asphalt is commonly used from January to March and doesn’t have to be reheated when planning to fix small patches.

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