Commercial parking lot paving in big cities is a big undertaking because of the unique challenges associated with this task. In addition to traffic congestion, you also have to figure out the logistics of customer parking. At the same time, the work is being completed—the goal is to get the job done with minimal disruptions to your business. 

In large cities, parking comes at a premium. If your parking lot is shut down for repaving or repairs, this can negatively affect your business as you may lose customers. Your employees will struggle to find other parking locations for the duration of the work. This would be very disruptive for daily business, and phasing out the work properly would prevent this from happening. Reputable paving contractors will work around your schedule to complete most of the paving work while your business is closed, so you won’t have to close your lot. If portions of the parking lot have to be closed for some time, an alternate parking plan will be discussed, and clear signage will be strategically placed to ensure a smooth process.

Parking lots must withstand a lot of use, particularly in big cities, which are busy places. Traffic is part of everyday life, and climates that experience a freeze-thaw cycle must plan for wear and tear, which is inevitable. This cycle can be problematic; water is a parking lot’s number one enemy. When it rains or snows, water can seep into existing pavement cracks and then freeze, expand and thaw, which will deepen the gaps over time and compromise the structural integrity of your parking lot. 

Harsh winters will cause this process to happen over and over in one season, allowing potholes to develop. If you notice cracks, they can be filled with a hot sealant to prevent water from entering and doing more damage which is why you should not wait to get them filled. 

Patching or applying an asphalt overlay may also be considered seal coating. This is a process during which a protective surfactant is laid down to seal or stop cracks in the first place. This would help prevent potholes, and this option would also replenish oils that guard against bleaching UV rays, and this is an added benefit which would prevent your parking lot from becoming brittle over time. Sealcoating helps parking lots maintain their appearance for longer, so you would not have to repave your entire lot. 

Working with professional paving contractors is a must, and West York Paving has extensive experience working with the demanding conditions of busy city lots. We specialize in paving services, and our team will ensure your lot is functioning for years to come. If you have any questions regarding parking lot paving services, contact us today to find out more!