If you are considering a new driveway installation, you will need to hire a paving contractor. You cannot just hire anyone for this job—the appropriate knowledge, skills and principles are necessary to ensure long-term sustainability of your driveway. It is an excellent idea to ask a series of questions before you bring a driveway paving contractor on board. Their answers will help you make an informed decision as you will be able to determine whether they are the right contractor for your project.

When hiring a driveway paving contractor, consider these key questions:

    1. How long have you been in this industry?

Putting in a new driveway is a complicated task because the contractor must create the right design and use all the right materials. There are many steps involved, so you need to hire an experienced paving contractor. Work with someone who has an extensive history of installing, renovating and repairing driveways for years to ensure you get the results you want.

    2. What kind of services do you provide?

Not all driveway paving contractors are the same, as some specialize in driveway installations while others deal only with driveway repairs. You need to focus on contractors who can provide you with the specific services you require, and you should ask them about this aspect to better understand the company’s suitability for your project.

    3. What materials do you use?

You want your driveway to last, which is why you need to be aware of the materials that are going to be used. A reputable driveway paving contractor will use materials designed to last a long time, and should have some background knowledge of how it reacts to particular environments. You should not have to worry about repairing or installing a new driveway once their work is done. Get the job done right with West York Paving.

    4. How much do you charge?

This is one of the first questions you need to ask, and it’s natural for the cost to be a concern. The total cost will depend on a few factors, including the size of your driveway, the materials used to make it and the complexity of its design. Get a few quotes from different companies and compare the information. Don’t focus on the cheapest quote; look for a contractor who can offer you exceptional services, with a proven history of successful projects.

    5. Who will be working on my driveway?

Driveway installation is not a one- or two-person job; a dedicated team of qualified professionals is necessary. The contractor’s staff should be reliable, trustworthy, hard-working and highly skilled—you deserve to know who will be working on your property.

    6. Is your company licensed and insured?

Do not, under any circumstances, work with a driveway contractor who does not have the proper business licenses and insurance policies in place. Reputable paving contractors will gladly confirm this information.

    7. Can I see examples of your recent work?

To have complete confidence in your decision, you must see examples of their work to get an idea of what you can expect. Your driveway should look amazing, and looking at pictures of driveways they’ve worked on in the past will show you the kind of work they do, and you’ll feel much better about hiring that contractor.

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