There are a number of steps to a parking lot paving process, and completing each one properly is a must as it will extend the lifespan of your lot.

Preparation is always the first step, so you need to find the right contractor for this project. They will help you obtain any permits that may be necessary and will inform you of every important detail so that you are aware of the process. You will then have to remove the existing surface down to the subgrade, as this will allow you to create a solid base for a new asphalt installation in areas that can be problematic. Paving on top of asphalt or a soft surface is very dangerous, especially if the asphalt is damaged because it will fail fast, and you will notice a number of cracks. Heavy machinery will be used to remove the old asphalt, and your contractor can do this with a bobcat or milling machine, after which the material will be hauled away in dump trucks.

Once these steps are complete, you will have to grade and base materials, which will serve as the support or foundation to your new parking lot. Your sub-base cannot be unstable; otherwise, your parking lot will be unstable as well, so everything needs to be installed properly the first time around. Correctly calculated amounts of subgrade material will be used as the foundation after your base has been evaluated, and the base material must be properly compacted as well. A laser level will be used to ensure the pitch is correct, and this will make sure that there will be proper water runoff once the paving is complete.

The next step will include the installation of the new asphalt, and the right mix will have to be used so that it can withstand heavy traffic, which is common for parking lots. Next, the pavement surface will be compacted, and this is the last step in the paving process, after which you can start marking your pavement with lines so that people are aware of the parking spots.

The resurfacing process would require you to apply a new layer of asphalt to your existing pavement surface without touching the foundation. This is something you can consider if just a small percentage of your parking lot needs repair. The foundation must be strong and intact, and any cracks cannot be deep; otherwise, resurfacing would not be a good option. You have to consider the age of your parking lot and its condition to determine whether or not resurfacing is a possibility. If the foundation is in poor condition, your parking lot would have to be replaced as replacing just the surface would not help.

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