As we approach the end of winters and the onset of spring, most of us start to notice the havoc that harsh winters have caused to our roads, parking lots and pathways. Whether it is asphalt cracks, potholes or crevices, bad roads are harmful in more than one way. Streets full of potholes and cracks make driving difficult and at times dangerous. Frequent braking and tendency to avoid potholes can result in erratic driving, thereby compromising road safety. The likelihood of collision increases as roads lose their finish during winters.

According to popular belief, most people choose to wait until the springtime to get the potholes fixed. However, many experts are of the view that postponing repairs until spring can cause many potential risks like:

  • Increased damage due to possible freeze-thaw cycles
  • Personal injury to pedestrians due to tripping and falling
  • Damage to transmission of motor vehicles
  • Decreased property value
  • Freezing water percolation and increased asphalt cracking

Here are a few ways that can help to repair asphalt:

Cold patch

Cold patch is a temporary solution which fills up the pothole to prevent further damage. Although the cold patch needs to be removed in a couple of months and hot mix asphalt repairs need to be completed, it is a great temporary solution for pothole-related issues.

Saw Cut & Removal

Saw cut and removal is a permanent fix. It can be performed with hot mix asphalt in above freezing temperatures.

Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Infrared asphalt restoration is a recycling process which fuses new hot mix asphalt with the existing asphalt using heat fusing. Infrared Asphalt Restoration process can be completed in any temperature depending on the size of the repair.

Throw & Patch

The throw and patch technique uses heated mix asphalt to fill potholes flush with the encircling asphalt paving. The name ‘Throw & Patch’ is derived from the process as asphalt is being thrown in the pothole and then evened out with a plate tamper or asphalt roller. This technique is more cost-efficient than Saw Cut & Removal or Infrared but does not last long. It is ideal to use this technique when you are dealing with a large number of potholes in an already deteriorated pavement. Especially more so if you have to get rid of the life safety trip, fall issue and tire popping that is caused due to potholes.

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