Do you have a concrete or asphalt driveway or patio? If so, you have probably seen how dirt and grime build up on it over the years and want to know how you can get rid of it. The good news is that getting your asphalt back to its brand new state will only need a few tools. Here is how the asphalts recommend that you deep clean your asphalt and concrete.

Removing All Dirt or Debris

Before you begin to deep clean your asphalt paving, it’s important to first remove any dirt and debris from the surface. You can use a long handle push broom with stiff bristles to help you do this and to push the first out from the cracks and crevices. Be sure to apply some pressure to help loosen up any stubborn debris. Once you are done cleaning the surface, you can move onto the next step.

Pressure Washing Your Asphalt Paving or Concrete

Using a pressure washer can be a great way to clean your asphalt or concrete. If you don’t have one on hand, you can easily rent one from any local home improvement store. You should start by pretreating your asphalt or concrete using a pressure washer detergent. Try to choose one that uses gentle cleaners compared to harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Apply this detergent and then let it soak into the hardscape. Then you can use smooth, sweeping motions to pressure wash the whole entire area. The detergent you applied should help to loosen anything that is caked on.

Removing Any Stains

If you simply want to remove some stains or your pressure washer couldn’t remove the stains, consider using one of the following methods to help you get rid of oil, dead leaves, grease, mud, bird droppings or other debris:

Baking soda

You can sprinkle some baking soda over any oil or grease stain and use a push broom with stiff bristles to scrub the baking soda into the stain. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes and then rinse it away with a hose.

Kitty litter

Kitty litter is a great method for wet stains instead of stains that have already been established on the asphalt or concrete. Cover the stain with a clay-based cat litter and leave it on there overnight, then clean the area using a clean cloth.


Using Coca-cola, you will first want to wipe away any excess oil or grease, then pour one or two cans of Coca-cola onto the area. Let the soda sit there overnight then you can clean up the area using a clean cloth.

Laundry detergent

Sprinkle powdered laundry detergent onto the stain and then add a bit of water. Scrub this mixture into the area using a push broom with stiff bristles. Allow this to sit for up to 30 minutes and then rinse it off with a hose.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you make your asphalt and concrete look brand new again.

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