If you are a business owner and are in need of parking lot paving within your area, you should also consider putting aside some space in your parking lot for those with disabilities. It is not only a good gesture/act to commit, it is mandatory for any business to have accessible parking spaces in their parking lot.

Having accessed parking lots at least 60 inches (5 feet) in length for smaller vehicles, and for vans, the accessed parking lot should be 96 inches (8 feet). These are all the mandatory requirements that will make any guests/clients with any disability happy. It will allow them easier access to the roads and will give them space to safely leave/approach their vehicles.

If your commercial building parking lot has:

– 1-12 parking spaces – there is one van accessible parking spot that is required
– 13-25 parking spaces – there is only one vehicle accessible parking space required
– 26-50 parking spaces – there is one vehicle and one van accessible parking spot that is required
– Any parking lot with 76-100 parking spots – it is important to have two van and two vehicle accessible parking spots

For parking lots with over 100 parking spaces, the pattern in the number of vehicle/van accessible parking spots required will increase with an ongoing pattern of 1:2, 2:3 and so on. Having accessible parking spots is required by law, and compliance to those laws is important to keep a safe and healthy business running. Accessible parking spots will satisfy some of your customers, knowing that you have taken the time to respect their needs.

Parking lot paving companies are ideal in having both functioning parking lots, and many companies already have prior knowledge of parking lot related compliance laws, saving you a busy schedule from time to research and money. Parking lot paving companies such as West York Paving take the time to complete accessible parking spaces, and regular parking spaces so that every one of your customers/clients are satisfied with their travel, and can safely leave their vehicles to enter your commercial building. Parking lot paving companies save you the hassle of trying to complete parking lots yourself, and having to buy a fortune’s worth of new equipment and materials.