The winter season is harsh and the severe weather conditions can make even the most basic activities more difficult. Driving, walking and getting from one place to the next can be a challenge, but there are things you can do to get through the winter season easily.

When it comes to commercial businesses especially, the winter weather can damage their pavement or parking lot as well as the driveway and walkways, making it difficult and dangerous for the employees and customers and for business to proceed as usual. In order to prepare for whatever winter throws your way and to prevent any damages to your commercial pavement and asphalt, you can apply seal coating, which will minimize the impacts that freezing and thawing have on your parking lot significantly.

This seal coat is essentially a protective shell and its non-porous properties fight against the harsh impact that winter has on pavement and asphalt. This will help extend the life of your pavement, which will help your property remain in great condition and improve its curbside appeal.

Seal coating consists of a liquid mixture whose components are specially designed for asphalt driveway application. It acts as a temporary barrier that protects the asphalt from both oil and gasoline stains as well as antifreeze, rain and sleet, all of which can damage the surface. Applying seal coating will help improve the appearance of ageing asphalt but it does not fix already existing cracks, so keep that in mind and do not treat it as a crack-filing agent.

The process itself is quite straightforward, and normally, it is recommended that two applications be applied over a 36 hour period. The outdoor temperature does matter and it should not be lower than 10 degrees Celsius. Afterwards, an additional 24 hours is needed once the second coat is applied so that the treatment can cure. You will need mild and dry weather conditions similar to the first coat for the treatment to be successful.

Before the liquid mixture is applied, the following must be completed; otherwise, the application process will be a failure:

  1. Scrub any and all pavement stains until it is clean
  2. Fill in all the cracks and potholes
  3. Repair any areas where the pavement is crumbling

Completing this process is not easy and the work itself can be difficult, which is why it’s best to hire a professional company who can complete the job properly and successfully. West York Paving is a reputable commercial paving company that offers several services for your facility and place of work. Their experience, knowledge and access to the right equipment will allow them to prepare your commercial driveway and protect it just in time for the winter season ahead!