The parking lot is probably the first thing that you will notice when you enter commercial premises. A lot can be concluded from the way a business owner or property manager maintains their parking space. When the client or customer comes to visit your business, if they face inconvenience in parking, your business impression certainly suffers. In fact, parking has become such an important aspect of any business that many analysts have concluded that clients or customers may totally refuse to do business with companies that do not have a safe and well-maintained parking facility on site.

It is no surprise that business owners or commercial property managers have to take care of a variety of aspects related to commercial property, and parking is just one of them. But having to stress about maintaining the parking facility all the time isn’t something you may be happy doing. Instead, why not install an asphalt parking lot and enjoy a stress-free and easy to maintain the parking lot? Asphalt parking lots are a great proposition for business owners. Here is why:

Time Saver

An asphalt parking lot is a big time saver. For starters, it is not a lengthy process to build an asphalt parking lot. This means the construction time on your business property is quite limited. Moreover, asphalt needs minimal maintenance. Meaning the parking lot stays usable for customers all the time even when maintenance is needed.

Money Saver

Asphalt parking lots are quite safe, which means you may rarely face a liability claim because of your parking lot. It is quite easy to maintain and needs minimal maintenance, resulting in low maintenance costs. As asphalt can generally enhance the overall appeal of your business space, you can surely expect improved foot traffic. Asphalt is sturdy and can withstand the extreme cooling-thawing cycles of Canadian winters. It doesn’t have to be replaced quite as often as concrete parking lots. With just minimal maintenance required to fix potholes and cracks from forming, asphalt parking lots can be easily and economically managed by business owners. If you are an environmentally conscious business owner, you will be pleased to know that asphalt is eco-friendly and helps with stormwater runoff too.

If you thought an asphalt parking lot was just advantageous to business owners, think again! An asphalt parking lot can benefit customers and clients too. Here is how:

Quality of Parking Lot

Most of your customers worry about the wear and tear of their car. A cracked and potholed parking lot is not exactly ideal for driving or parking. With asphalt, your customers can be relaxed as it provides a smoother ride and is easy on your customers’ cars.


Imagine having to deal with a customer injury resulting from a poorly maintained parking lot. Make your customers and clients feel safe by offering them a skid-proof and safe asphalt parking lot.

If you are thinking about asphalt paving, speak to an experienced associate from West York Paving for guidance and services for installation of an asphalt parking lot for your commercial property.