Asphalt enhances and protects a home and business’ curb appeal, but apart from that, there are several asphalt benefits most are unaware of. These are little known facts to anyone that is not an asphalt technician but are important to be informed on. At West York Paving, we want to share all of our knowledge on asphalt paving with our valued clients to keep you informed and excited about the asphalt paving services we offer.

Read on to discover the four unknown asphalt paving facts you need to know.

1. Asphalt Is One of the Most Recycled Products in North America

Asphalt pavement is completely recyclable, which makes it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious home or business owners. Asphalt can, in fact, be used repeatedly with little loss and only requiring re-heating for use. Millions of tons of asphalt are recycled and reclaimed each year. Of that, nearly 95% of all asphalt pavement is reused on residential and commercial roads and highways. This greatly reduces the need for brand-new asphalt to be produced at high costs.

2. Porous Asphalt Can Make Drainage Easier

Most major roads and commercial parking lots are structured in a way to make precipitation drainage much easier. There are a variety of porous asphalts that can help with drainage and absorb precipitation to prevent the pavement from flooding. This type of asphalt allows water to run through it, which prevents water runoff and having water return back to the water table.

3. Perpetual Pavement Has Minimal Impact On The Environment

During busy road construction projects that require heavy equipment, traffic is increased and local wildlife can be disrupted. This can negatively impact forestry, wildlife surroundings and commuters. To reduce the environmental impact, perpetual pavement is a more environmentally conscious alternative for roadway construction. It is extremely durable and flexible without causing structural damage even from increased traffic volume over an extended period of time. With multiple layers of asphalt, perpetual pavement can have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

4. Asphalt Is Found In Some Lakes

Asphalt is actually found naturally in some lakes across the world. Asphalt lakes are essentially tar pits and are mined for asphalt. The largest natural asphalt lake in the world is Pitch Lake located in Trinidad. It stretches 100 acres in size and contains approximately 10 million tons of asphalt. The asphalt created from underground deposits can be used for construction and asphalt paving services. Most asphalt comes from industrial petroleum and approximately 70% of asphalt is used for road construction purposes.

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