Whether you require asphalt services for your driveway or commercial parking lot, asphalt hardscape is quite the investment. Regardless of how durable asphalt is if it is not installed correctly and with precision by professionals, it can succumb to wear before its time and leave you with expensive repairs. That’s why hiring the right asphalt paving company in Toronto is essential to ensure high-quality project completion. 

Before you hire an asphalt contractor, ensure you inquire about the following topics, and ask the essential questions to verify their professionalism. 

1. How Long Has Your Company Been In Business?

Even if a company has been servicing a community for an extended duration of time, that doesn’t ensure their professionalism or workmanship. However, it certainly helps. Asphalt companies with several years or even decades of experience have a history in the asphalt industry and have likely formed strong bonds with clients. You want to hire paving contractors that you can trust, with years of completing asphalt paving installations on driveways and commercial properties. 

2. Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

You are hiring contractors and entrusting your property with their care. Therefore, it’s imperative that they are licensed, reliable and insured. Verifying whether they have insurance coverage and are licensed and registered is critical in the event of an accident or damage to your property. Although such things are unlikely to happen, you want to be prepared for if a mishap does. When a contractor is licensed, they have proven their competence, workmanship and care to ensure the protection and proper completion of asphalt services. You should never allow a contractor on your property until you have thoroughly vetted and researched their credentials prior.

3. Are There Any Examples Of Your Past Projects?

Always look for past work and proven projects from the asphalt contractors. Asphalt contractors that are proud of their workmanship will likely have their past projects readily available for prospective clients to browse through on their website. West York Paving asphalt contractors are proud of the services we’ve completed and clients we’ve satisfied, which is why our work is easily accessible for you on our website’s gallery. With clear, comprehensive images of past work, you can review projects with ease and even drive by the location to view their work.

4. Do They Offer A Free Estimate?

It’s important for you to have all answers and information regarding your paving project before it starts. Some asphalt companies may try to insert hidden fees and charges, which is why you should request an estimate upfront. West York Paving offers free estimates to clients to ensure they have a detailed breakdown of the paving job costs.

West York Paving is a family-owned business servicing the GTA for over 50 years. In addition to our decades of experience, we are the leading force in the paving community, known for efficient and effective residential and commercial paving services. To get started on your paving project with us today, contact us for a free quote at https://westyorkpaving.com/free-quote/.