Potential customers will make judgments on your business before they even get inside. As soon as they pull their vehicle into your parking lot, customers are analyzing the exterior of the building as a reflection of your business overall. That’s why maintaining your curb appeal is crucial in order to send a welcoming, professional message to customers, employees and clients. An attractive curb appeal will make your staff proud to show off their place of work, draw in new consumers and potentially new employees.

What can you do to make the best first impression of your business? West York Paving has compiled a list of the five ways to boost the curb appeal of your business:

1. Ensure Pavement Stripes Are Visible

As important as clearly visible pavement stripes are for safety, it also proves to your customers that you care about routine updates for your business property. The building’s exterior is a reflection of your maintenance and apart of customer service. If re-striping the pavement stripes to ensure their visibility is needed, it’s important to have that maintenance done to have a clean, inviting appearance outside your business. Over time, asphalt stripes can deteriorate from harsh weather conditions; you want to make sure unappealing stripes are replaced.

2. Readable Business and Property Signs

Imagine how frustrating it would be for a customer to pull into your parking lot, just to be unsure of whether they have the right location because your sign is unreadable. Old or worn signs with the address, company slogan or name itself can deter customers from entertaining. Ensure all of your business signs are clear, readable and clean as well as the parking lot signs and any cautionary signs.

3. Keep Pavement Clean

A clean, well maintained and litter-free parking lot emphasizes the care you have for your business as well as your customers. If a business lot is dirty with excessive amounts of debris, this may lead to blocked drainage systems. You’re also at a higher risk of facing a personal injury lawsuit if a customer is hurt while navigating on the dirty parking lot.

4. Add Plant Life for Natural Beauty

Planting is a superb way to add natural beauty, implement colour and appeal to your customers and employees. Plants and flowers make a business area more enticing and shows others you care about the exterior maintenance. Many businesses only have dull sidewalks; make your building stand out next to the rest with refreshing plant life.

5. Sealcoat The Pavement

Having your pavement sealcoated will help extend the lifespan and look appealing with a dark, modern finish. It can also protect from UV rays, oil, water penetration and helps to melt snow and ice faster.

West York Paving can help boost the curb appeal of your business with our commercial asphalt paving services. Our family-owned business can re-stripe your pavement lines, sealcoat and help keep your business’s exterior clean. For a quote on our commercial paving services, fill out our online form or call one of our representatives today!