Asphalt pavement can be susceptible to various types of cracking that can negatively affect the appearance and integrity of your commercial parking lot. Your parking lot is part of your business’ curb appeal and it’s important to include maintaining it as part of your entire property maintenance. When cracks begin to form in asphalt pavement, it can cause several other problems that will require expensive repairs.

To avoid this, West York Paving has compiled a list of what will cause your parking lot to crack and what you can do to keep your asphalt paving solution strong.

1. Sun Damage

Your skin needs protection from the sun and so does your asphalt pavement! The sun’s UV rays dry the pavement and remove its moisture, which makes it more vulnerable to cracking. To protect your commercial lot from both cracking and fading, have it sealcoated to keep it looking fresh. Sealcoating should be applied every two years to ensure the durability and extend the lifespan of your commercial parking lot.

2. Heavy Vehicles

From various customers with heavy vehicles to delivery trucks stopping at your lot, your parking lot is susceptible to cracking from these heavy trucks and cars. The repeated heavy weight applied to asphalt can eventually cause it to crack.

3. Poor Pavement Installation

Unfortunately, not all pavement installers apply the same care and skill to each project. If significant cracks develop after the first 18 to 24 months of the installation, the cause is most likely due to poor installation. This may be because the pavement foundation was not compacted effectively or the foundation was not deep enough. West York Paving is an asphalt company you can always rely on! We apply the same meticulous, thorough and skilled care to every asphalt paving installation we do in Toronto to ensure your driveway or parking lot is durable and reliable.

4. Water Infiltration

One of the leading culprits of asphalt cracking, water infiltration reaches the surface and permeates it, causing the foundation to destabilize. Cracks will begin to form on the surface and can worsen if neglected. If water seeps into the pavement cracks and freezes during the winter, it will expand and enlarge the cracks. Then, when it warms up in the springtime, it thaws and the cracks will become larger.

5. Neglected Asphalt

When asphalt pavement is not maintained, it can become more susceptible to damage sooner than it should. Our trusted asphalt paving company in Toronto will keep your parking lot strong and curb appeal in top condition with our patchwork services, resurfacing and regarding to restore it. We understand the importance of a reliable, attractive parking lot to customers, clients and even employees and ensure we’ll provide you with the most effective installation.

West York Paving is dedicated to superior asphalt paving installation for your residential driveway or commercial parking lot. Our experienced staff administers professional and exceptional craftsmanship on every project to ensure our clients are receiving the best care at the best price! For our services, contact us at today!