With the onset of summer, it is finally time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time in your front yard enjoying the warm evening times and a cup of your favourite beverage. Unfortunately, it is also the time when the sun will be at the brightest and you will start noticing the havoc that the past winter have created on your asphalt pavement. Constant freeze and thaw cycles result in significant damage to your asphalt pavement. Although some signs may not appear to be apparent on the surface, they can still be pretty serious within. Here are some signs of asphalt damage:

Water puddles

Although water puddles are generally dismissed by most homeowners as something insignificant, a constant water puddle on your asphalt driveway can be detrimental to its binding agents. Asphalt can quickly deteriorate and form bigger craters if it is constantly exposed to water. Dealing with water on time will reduce your risk of developing cracks and potholes in the future.

The appearance of alligator cracks

This type of crack is peculiar and resembles an alligator’s skin. They are usually shallow but are still deep-seated and can need full depth reclamation to remedy. Although many alligator cracks may not need immediate repair, if they are starting to appear more than a quarter inch wider, it is time to call in a professional.

Warped asphalt

If you have been using heavy vehicles or equipment on your asphalt pavement, you may have noticed warping in your asphalt pavement. If the damage seems minimal, you can simply retouch it. For more significant damage, you may need an asphalt replacement. Only a local asphalt repair or replacement company will be able to assess the best option for you.

Sinking pavement

When asphalt is poured on it is usually laid on top of a compacted or crushed stone base. Once this base erodes, you may have noticed a sink in your driveway or parking lot. Such a sink can be a sign that your downspouts may be depositing water too close to the surface. Under such conditions, you may need to get your asphalt repaired.

Staining and fading

If you park your vehicle regularly on your asphalt pavement, it is likely to develop stains from your car because of leaking fluid or chemical stain. If you notice such staining speak to your asphalt contractor and they should be able to suggest you the best remedy for taking care of such stains. Apart from damage due to cars, the discoloration can occur in your car due to intense UV rays. If your pavement turns to muted grey tone from deep black, it is probably due to sun damage. Get your seal-coating done regularly from a reliable and trustworthy asphalt contractor.

If you are worried that your asphalt pavement may have some visible or deep signs of damage after the harsh winters, get a professional asphalt contractor like West York Paving to look through it and give their recommendations. Timely action will help you to avoid expensive repairs and replacements in the long term, preserving your pavement for a long time.