The environment is very important, as are our local communities, which is why you should consider hiring a company that cares about these issues if you require paving solutions.

We should all care about the environment because without it, we cannot survive. With all of the environmental issues that surround us today, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of concerns. A paving company that shares your concerns can make all the difference and use techniques that are environmentally-friendly so that they don’t damage your community any further.

There is an excavation process that is environmentally conscious, which involves placing the asphalt into a separate container, then taken to a plant so it can be recycled. The concrete that gets removed from a garage floor should also be recycled. This also applies to areas from sidewalks and patios and anywhere else where concrete is being removed; after which, it must be transported to a plant that specializes in making mixed material that is then used as the base foundation for a building or another garage floor. This crushed material is a great choice for home builders because they will also be helping the environment.

Other materials related to the job site should also be sorted and disposed of properly. Soil, roots and tree limbs should be organized separately, so they can be taken to clean landfill locations or placed in an appropriate location for municipal removal.

A paving contractor that cares will make sure that all of the asphalt and concrete removed from the job gets recycled along with any other waste that gets removed during the project. They should also do their best to support community businesses by using bricks, gravel and asphalt that are locally produced. Using locally produced materials is beneficial for the environment because they won’t have to get the materials shipped from different parts of the world, decreasing their emissions and making it a win-win situation all around.

If you’re a customer that cares and want to work with a paver in the Toronto area who is also passionate about the environment, contact West York Paving to meet contractors who will take care of their clients, environment and the community. West York Paving will complete the job successfully and consider the environment, too!