Each of us are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious. From opting out of using plastic straws to using a reusable water bottle; the options to cut back on environmental waste are endless. That goes for what we apply to our driveway as well! Recycled asphalt, also known as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), is made from various reusable materials; including recycled plastic waste from the ocean or plants and traditional asphalt.

Recycled asphalt is not only eco-friendly, it’s an extremely practical and wise investment. Here’s why:

Low Cost Option

One of the most significant advantages to choosing recycled asphalt is how cost-effective it is. RAP does not require as extensive raw resources as traditional asphalt does, which makes it much more affordable. Asphalt, in general, contains a very high volume of oil, and due to the rising oil prices, a cheaper asphalt alternative can make quite a difference. Recycled asphalt also takes less time to produce and fewer labour hours than traditional asphalt, which reduces expenses for customers.

High-Quality Bonding Qualities

Reclaimed asphalt pavement has remaining tar left in it, which allows for it to bond together easily when wet or compacted. Traditional asphalt is more of a loose-filled aggregate which is unable to bond as easily. RAP can remain in place for a semi-permanent driveway to ultimately help reduce debris such as dirt and dust. You also do not have to wash the asphalt and can wet your driveway with emulsion and dry with asphalt rubber. Although the RAP may appear dusty, it is simply the asphalt appearance.

Percolates Well

The RAP aggregate holds up extremely well in harsh weather conditions, especially rainfall and snow. Due to excellent percolation, recycled asphalt prevents any flooding or pooling from occurring on the driveway which could damage it. The composition is so durable and is a viable choice for rural driveways or even commercial property lots.

Decreased Cracking

Recycled asphalt delivers excellent performance in terms of the essential stiffness required for pavement layers. RAP generally is more efficient in cracking resistance than traditional, virgin asphalt. Recycled asphalt can also provide more effective cracking resistance than adding a new overlay to the surface layer. This decreases the demand for virgin asphalt, as unaged, traditional asphalt is significantly more prone to cracking.

Decreased Rutting

Rutting is one of the leading causes of degradation in driveways and roads. Recycled asphalt minimizes rutting because the aggregate is less susceptible to movement. Traditional asphalt will eventually succumb to the deformation caused by rutting and require replacement which will be a hefty cost. With effective RAP installation and maintenance, your driveway’s lifespan can be extended.

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