There are certain signs that will indicate when it’s time for a driveway repair, so look out for the following to determine whether your driveway needs to be replaced or repaired:

  1. Potholes. When water in the ground underneath the asphalt freezes and melts, it creates potholes that can lead to a number of other problems if left untreated. The ground expands when water freezes and contracts when the water melts and the repeated expanding and contracting of the ground caused by temperatures fluctuating above and below the freezing mark results in potholes. The repeated changes in the ground will weaken the asphalt over time and the end result will be potholes that are problematic for your car’s suspension, just to provide one example. You can patch potholes but this is a temporary solution because you won’t be solving the bigger problem, which is why you will have to eventually replace your driveway.
  2. Large cracks. Visible cracks on a driveway are visually unappealing and allow oil, gas and salt to accumulate, resulting in wider cracks that are very deep. If you notice small cracks on your driveway, you must look into repairs right away because sealing them will prevent the current cracks from worsening and stop additional cracking from forming on your driveway. If you take care of this problem right away, a repair should do the trick.
  3. Drainage issues. If you notice water pooling on your driveway instead of being drained, it’s definitely a sign to either repair or replace your driveway. Allowing water to sit for long periods of time is a bad idea because it will weaken the asphalt and eventually lead to cracks and potholes. For this reason, it’s best to act right away to prevent the problem from becoming worse.
  4. Discoloration. It’s inevitable that the sun will fade the colour of your driveway over the years. The strong rays will also eventually weaken the surface of your driveway, which is why it’s something you need to monitor. Depending on the severity of the weakness, you may be able to seal your driveway to prevent further damage but if the surface is too weak, it would be better to replace the driveway so that you don’t run into more problems.

Driveways do get worn out over time and will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. When that time comes, you will need a reputable and professional paving company who can complete the job and West York Paving in Toronto is the answer. Many companies will brag about their services but none of them will complete the job as perfectly as West York Paving, so give them a call to find out more about their asphalt services today!