Cracks in your pavement are more than just an aesthetic issue and can lead to more serious problems if they are ignored. Cracks can damage cars and will lead to structural problems in the future, which is why you need to pay attention to this matter and correct it.

The three types of cracks that you should look out for are:

Ice cracks

Changing temperatures can cause water, even harmless amounts, to freeze and thaw repeatedly, which will cause small cracks to expand into larger ones. This will not only affect the appearance of your driveway, it will also affect the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles. Ice cracks spread fast and the surface of your asphalt driveway will look terrible, so if this is the type of crack you’re experiencing, an asphalt paving company can help by using flexible rubberized asphalt to seal the cracks. This will ensure that the cracks remain sealed anytime the asphalt moves and will also make sure that the expansion and contraction of the surface, which is natural, won’t cause the rubberized mixture to become loose.

Alligator cracks

These types of cracks are a lot more serious because they tend to spread across the entirety of the surface on the pavement. These cracks resemble alligator skin and are a result of weak areas, either on the surface or base layer and can also be a sign of poor drainage. It is very important to investigate these types of cracks because it is usually a sign of a far more serious problem that may not be visible to the naked eye. It is possible to fill in alligator cracks using a patching product but this is a temporary repair solution and not something that will work in the long run. You will have to contact a professional for help because only an expert will be able to fully remove the affected section and inspect the base to determine if any additional work is needed. They can assess whether or not the problem is due to drainage issues and can replace the removed portion with fresh asphalt.

Block cracks

These types of cracks are interconnected and divide the pavement up into rectangular pieces and is an indication of aged or poor asphalt binder. This means the binder that was mixed into the surface is no longer expanding or contracting the way it should, which can be a result of age or the quality of the binder. If this problem is spotted quickly, it can be fixed easily with crack seal, which will allow your surface to continue functioning for several years. If the issue is ignored, the cracks will become larger and the entire pavement will eventually have to be removed.

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