The world came to a virtual standstill this year; you might be one of many people who found themselves spending a lot more time at home. With all this extra time in your living space, you’re probably noticing all the projects that you told yourself needed to be done, while also having trouble finding the time to dedicate to completing them. Your deteriorating driveway might be on that list, and you’re wondering if it’s time you rid yourself of the unadorned, smooth black look.

We here at West York Paving think it is the ideal time to redo your driveway and landscaping, as you now have more time than ever to plan your next big project! We want to equip you with the very best of the hottest trends for driveway renovations this year, so you can add an extra little touch of curb appeal to your already stylish home.

1. Texturing
It’s time to dress up your old and tired plain driveways, and set your style with accents! New modern homes are looking to interlock and custom brickwork to give your driveway the fashion boost it deserves. Choose some stones and bricks to match your home’s exterior finish and gardens, and experiment with contrasting colours to take your driveway to the next level.

2. Unique Patterns and Geometry
If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and express your artistic flair, try experimenting with different materials and angles. More and more people are turning to nature for inspiration this year, and natural stone has been on the rise in popularity. By incorporating unique patterns and geometry that complement your home’s architectural cues, you can make use of all your untapped hidden driveway potential.

3. Lighting
It’s time to bring cozy back to the outdoors! The warm glow of the traditional lantern has always been popular, and this year is no exception. Your home may already have external lighting around your garage, and you may wish to take style cues from these existing fixtures to help elevate your driveway and garden. Inlaid lighting is also becoming a very popular and sleek addition to any home. These subtle lights can either be included in the driveway itself as an upward-facing fixture, or under your roof for a dramatic new downward-facing feature.

4. Landscaping
With this year’s emphasis on nature, it shouldn’t be a surprise that adding green elements like ferns or flowering vines has also become increasingly popular. Choosing complementary colours for your leafy friends can also add to the natural feel, with earthy tones like beige and grey moving to the forefront of this year’s trends. As mentioned earlier, natural stone and brickwork makes for the perfect match to any greenery, making for a seamless transition from house to driveway.

Whatever dreams you may be dreaming of this year, West York Paving can help to make your dreams come true. Our team of experts have brought more than 50 years of paving excellence to Toronto and the GTA. Contact us today to get started on your next paving project, and turn your home into the next biggest trendsetter on the block!