Before you embark on your first paving landscape project that involves paving around your home, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure the end project will look great and be high-quality.

Deciding on a space to pave

Consider the form and dimensions of the region you are going to be paving. It’ll impact the dimensions of the paving slab you use, the number of materials you require, your spending budget, and more specifically the look of your garden. Draw a plan of your home and garden and shade in the region you want to pave. Then, lay out lengths of string in your backyard to find out the dimensions of the new patio. This may Also helps you visualize what the garden will look like when the paving is complete. From here you can decide what size paving slabs will best suit your project.

Using smaller slabs can make a room look bigger, but over bigger area slabs will be more cost effective.


There are generally two chief styles homeowners select from – contemporary modern or traditional. To create a stylish, contemporary look, materials like polished sandstone, the most recent on tendency porcelain paving or very chamfer block bottom paving are perfect. For a more traditional texture, riven sandstone flags or block paving are ideal. Whichever finish you decide on, you must make sure that it complements the style of your home.

Matching paving with construction materials?

Garden landscaping and structures must reflect the style of your property.

In case your home has a lot of bricks or clay tiles, then similar sandstone or block paving will work well while light coloured, modern rendering works well with the silver gray range of granite or natural stone flags. Either way look at hand samples to make sure that the materials you select will compliment.

Just how much will your patio cost?

Developing a patio area can be expensive, depending on what finish you select.

However, it’s to do it right and do it then not be satisfied with the final result. It’s worth remembering that until 80% of the cost of your landscaping will be allocated to floor works. There’s frequently little difference in prices between the installation of inexpensive paving products and much less affordable ones, so select paving which you really want.

Where should you purchase paving equipment?

Where you purchase your paving slabs from really depend upon your budget. Your everyday builder’s warehouses are an economical place to get good quality products rapidly and easily. In case you’ve time and spending budget to look for something much more intriguing, specific, or in line with the style of an older property reclamation and salvage yards carry paving slabs that could be perfect for your project.

Ask for help

If you need any help during your residential paving or commercial paving project, you can trust the experts at West York Paving to help you get your job done on time and on budget. We service anybody in Toronto or the GTA and you can contact us anytime you want! Give us a call at 416-231-6394 to book your paving appointment today.