Every home has their own unique aspects to it and if you want an important place of your own then you may want to consider building a fire pit out of pavers. This is a place where you and the family can gather around when it gets cold outside. It’s a great place to be when you want to keep warm if your family and friends come over. Fire pits have many features to them that makes each one so special, this includes being made out of different stones. Pavers are not just for driveways and walkways; they can be used for many things, including building a fire pit in your backyard.

The first thing you will want to do is choose a spot and pick a location, this will help you narrow down your dimensions. You might want to choose something that is further away from your home for safety reasons. It is best to make these fire pits near bodies of water, it is also important that you don’t build it too big. You will want to consult with professional builders and make sure that you are not breaking any laws. Disclosing that you have a fire pit in your backyard may be required for home insurance.

The next thing you will want to do is mark and prepare the fire site. This is where you will be able to use spray paint to create a circle. You are going to want to make sure that you are purchasing trapezoidal pavers. This is for the purpose of creating a layout and design that makes a large circle. The diameter of the fire pit should be slightly larger than the outside dimensions for safety reasons. You will then want to start laying out your gravel base and after building your pavers up to make a round circle or a rectangle. Place one block beside each other and make sure they are levelled and have the same height. You will then want to test that your fire pit bowl actually fits inside of the circle or rectangle.

There are many pavers that you can choose from when you are going to make your own fire pit. Each paver has their own unique features and things that you may like. There is one paver for each type of person and we can guarantee that you will fall in love with your fire pit. If you are looking for asphalt companies in the GTA, contact West York Paving.